John Amaechi OBE leads a team that combines psychological, medical, corporate and educational training expertise to bring a  unique perspective to our clients. APS are experts in increasing  performance through leadership, communications, diversity and crisis management interventions. APS constantly seeks new ways to inspire, motivate and functionally improve individuals and and their organisations.  In times of economic uncertainty, we know it’s important to offer more than the usual platitudes.  Today's challenges demand unique, creative and profoundly practical insights and solutions -  the day of the ten word answer is gone.


John Amaechi OBE
Founder and Chief Executive
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Peter Carroll
Commercial Director
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Julie Newbon
Business Manager
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We Bring Sound Research, Years of Experience and Tailored Solutions

There is no “magic pill” for success; we work with our clients to tailor a programme appropriate to their needs.

John is a dynamic, motivational figure with an unparalleled life and work experience. He’s a force to be reckoned with when working within any organisation and clients have seen his presence pay huge dividends. Read client testimonials here.

  • APS engages with clients to assess challenges, and present the most time and cost-effective options to resolve them.
  • Our links with universities in the US and Britain - who are at the cutting edge of organisational, leadership and motivation research  - continue to be a huge advantage for our clients.  John’s memberships with the American Psychological Association and the British Psychological Society allows APS access to cutting-edge research and literature on individual and organisational performance, keeping us abreast of contemporary best-practice.
  • With more than 100 different client solutions in the last five years, we know our proven business consultancy model can address your issues.  We offer a variety of services, including one-on-one managerial consulting, workshops, seminars and bespoke programmes.
  • John is an exponent of the Carl Rogers school of humanistic psychology and believes in the power of his authentic personal interactions to catalyse tangible change within organisations.

Are You Ready To See Real Improvements in Your Organisation?

For over two decades, APS has been helping high-profile individuals, international corporations, professional sports teams, government agencies, educational institutions and charities to maximise their potential.

Whether your organisation needs just one day with John, or ongoing consultation from APS, we will make an immediate difference.

Our professional and consulting services speed desired client outcomes. Through the links above, we outline some of our individual coaching options for those looking to upgrade specific skills or mindsets to transform themselves from good to great.